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Meet: Darcy // @therestlesstimes

Meet: Darcy // @therestlesstimes


let me introduce to you, the first member of the glow club:

Darcy is an artist; an artist with her words and an incredibly innovative one at that. At 16 she has created a platform that allows passionate teens to vent their ideas and their frustrations at a world essentially crumbling before their very eyes. The Restless Times brings to light the misconceptions society has on teenagers in regards to their intelligence and ambition. The idea and drive behind this project is one that Darcy has made into something unique, up-front and loud. She is one to watch.

I had the wonderful opportunity to learn more about the editor and chief. Here, Darcy talks about inspiration, frustration and the process of this little project that has turned into her everything. I urge you guys to read this until the very end.


Tell us about The Restless Times, how did it start and why did it start?

The Restless Times started as a sleepless night. Being a teenager, there’s a universal experience of restlessness. Every teenager feels the desire to do something, to make an impact, to get out, but they don’t know how. For months before the idea struck, I had been feeling this way. I had so much energy that it was beginning to fester and I truly had never felt so saddened. I could see how terrible things were getting in the news, and my inability to do anything about it on a large scale was making me almost angry. It got to the point where this one night, I read an incredibly sad news article, burst into tears, and stared at the ceiling for hours, begging for my heart to come up with an answer.

And it did.

I had the idea for a newspaper for teenagers. A newspaper that would not talk down to young individuals but rather would honour their intelligence and ability to handle the world. A newspaper that would focus on good stories and victories rather than just the dark elements of our world.

And then within minutes I had contacted bloggers from around the world and collected my team. I didn’t even notice I had written anything (it was as if I was sleep walking ) until I woke up the next morning with emails sitting in my inbox. I was so lucky to have Abby Strangward, my assistant editor (her blog is www.seafoaming.com), sign up with me immediately. I suppose her response to my email was the very beginning of The Restless Times. 


what is a current issue you feel strongly about? 

I feel very strongly about the refugee crisis. I have always felt so angry when people with great amounts of power demonstrate hypocrisy and ignorance, and some Western governments right now are showing nothing but hypocrisy towards refugees. The West has a huge role to play in the modern Middle Eastern wars, and then when people flee to our countries, which are much safer than their own, they close their doors and blame them for the failings of our own nations. The people who are begging us for help don’t want to steal our jobs or ruin our economy, above all they just want to return to their home that has been obliterated by war but that isn’t possible. So they hope they can build a new home in our countries that promote freedom and equality. But the foreign policies of countries such as Australia and the USA slam the door shut in their faces. This isn’t fair and is so hypocritical. The West’s dependence on oil has inflamed these situations and we then give barely any support to the people that need it. This is an issue that I want to tackle as I grow older and become more educated about our world. I hope to one day be able to support a family of refugees and sponsor them to live in Australia.

what does your life look like in your spare time?

I don’t have much spare time at all because I am so busy with school, the newspaper, acting, and other personal endeavours, but when I do, it’s honestly spent reading a book, taking a walk, or watching a Netflix show (I’m currently watching That 70s Show.) These days, my creativity isn’t utilised in free time but rather in work time, and that’s okay. Creating has become my job, which means that I don’t have much of it left to write and draw in my free time. On the odd occasion I’ll write a poem (writing poetry is so relaxing!) But mostly I just like walking and stopping every time I see a beautiful flower.


What's your playlist at the moment?

(You Will) Set The World On Fire- David Bowie // Come On Eileen- Dexy’s Midnight Runners // Protons, Neutrons, Electrons- The Cat Empire //Cold Arms- Mumford and Sons // Anything by ELO


how do you keep yourself motivated?

In truth, I don’t think that I keep myself motivated, but rather I am in the habit of completing tasks and getting my work done. I think focusing on the reward that comes from working hard is enough to keep me going. For example, the newspaper is a tough cookie to run, but I maintain my work ethic by reminding myself about the purpose behind it. I know that the people who read the newspaper are impacted by the hope that is infused into the articles, and that alone is enough to keep me working throughout the exhaustion and lack of motivation.


Give us a visualisation of your favourite place to go to get inspired?

 The place where I get most inspired is in the sunlight. I have always had an obsession with sunshine and the warmth it brings, so anywhere under the stretching rays of the sun is enough to get ideas blooming in my mind. I particularly love the sunlight that emerges at dawn. I think it is so special, because it has a certain glow to it that makes me feel like I’m no longer in touch with reality. And I think that gap from reality is when I am most inspired.


who is someone you admire?

 In terms of well-known people, I deeply admire female writers such as Margaret Atwood, Rupi Kaur, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Kate Mulvany, and Sarah A. Topol. Each of them write in different forms but all write with such a powerful unique voice that enable conversations about our world. I particularly admire Topol’s journalistic work about Nigeria. I think her bravery and extreme power as a writer is so evident in these articles.

I also admire David Bowie as a musician who has been able to help individuals across decades and countries feel connected to something other than their own sadness. I know that before I listened to Bowie I was quite invested in my own emotions but when I listened to his work I felt part of something bigger. I felt the universal presence of creativity and for that I admire him.

But above all, I admire my boyfriend. I know this isn’t the answer you want because you want someone that you can look up and be inspired by them as well, but it’s true. I think that loved ones are the greatest sources of inspiration and admiration. My boyfriend’s total compassion for the world, jaw-dropping intelligence, and empowering creativity will change humanity and for that I admire him. I also admire him for sticking with me as I have gone through the incredibly stressful process of building a publication from scratch. His support is the most unbelievable thing in the world. It is so endless and giving.


An honest truth?

Humans have the right to exist in this world but the responsibility to coexist with and appreciate the other forces of Mother Earth. This truth isn’t recognised enough, and has led to the exploitation of our planet and its inhabitants.

One thing you wish you had told your 16 year-old self?

I love this question because I still am 16 and can use this question to tell myself something that I need to accept. I think the most important thing to tell myself right now is to not let the world pressure me into being older than I am. From a very young age I decided that I wanted to be an adult and take everything seriously. I wanted to change the world at age 10 and was determined to. But this process of being older than I really was led to a loss of who I am as a teenager and I think I need to reconnect with the spirit of the youth. Children are the most respectable creatures on this Earth because their intentions are so pure, so I need to take pride in that and allow myself to be the age I am- 16.

But if you want me to give advice to my younger self, say at 14, I would tell myself to open my heart to love and to let go of hatred. I still struggle with eliminating anger from myself and I wish I had let it go much younger. 



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