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Meet: Ashlee // @ashlee_bryan

Meet: Ashlee // @ashlee_bryan

Meet Ashlee, the girl with the killer instagram feed and down-to-earth blog

I first discovered Ashlee through instagram. I hit the follow button faster than I drink my coffees, which is saying something.

I fell in love with her minimal yet in-depth photos that were all perfectly constructed effortlessly. I got the chance to ask her some questions about life, her blog and uncovered some of her personal favourite things.

Blog Name:

Tales of Ashlee

Niche / Passions:

Lifestyle, Mental Health


Best Thing About Blogging / Instagram?

Meeting like-minded people, discovering the world through pictures and being able to help others.


Worst Thing About Blogging / Instagram?

For me personally I think the worst thing would have to be how difficult it can be to build an active audience.

Tell us about your blog, how did it start and why did it start?

Tales of ashlee started off as a personal blog, a place where I could write about my experiences as a young adult, which soon turned into more of a lifestyle blog. It all started during a rather difficult time in my life, I had just gone through my first break up and I wanted to share my story with others and connect with people who were going through something similar. As of today, tales of ashlee is growing into more than just a personal blog and you can now find a variety of different posts from me.


what does your life look like in your spare time?

My spare time consists of watching Netflix, listening to music or creating content for my Instagram and my blog. I have also recently discovered a new found love for baking so whenever I have a spare moment I always find myself on Pinterest searching for something delicious to bake.


One thing you wish you had told your 16 year-old self?

I love this question! I sometimes wish I could rewind my life back to when I was 16 years old and start over, not that I am unhappy with how things are now, I just know things now that I wish I knew back then that could help guide me down a slightly different road. I would tell myself to stay in school, don't worry about trying to fit in or have a big group of friends, none of that matters in the end. I was a bit of a loner in high school, I only had a couple of friends and I decided to leave and get a mediocre job which was fine at first but I became unhappy with my decision and I regretted leaving school, I wish I had stayed and took advantage of the resources that school had to offer. I would also tell myself that life can get tough at times but that doesn't mean that I should give up, I am stronger than I think I am and everything will be okay in the end.


what's your playlist at the moment?

1. You never knew - haim  // 2.  Summer bummer – lana del rey // 3. Arm's length – kacy hill 4. Writer in the dark – lorde // 5. Youth – glass animals

an honest truth? 

"after all, life is really simple; we ourselves create the circumstances that complicate it".

what do you love about photography?

I love the sense of nostalgia that photography brings, I can look back at a photo that I took a year ago and It takes me back to the exact moment it was taken, it makes me so happy. I also love the artistic side of it and how everyone sees the world differently through a view finder. Photography is so important, it helps us capture memories with our friends and family that will last a lifetime. it freezes a moment in time before it's gone.


beauty product you swear by?

Definitely Ultrabalm from lush cosmetics. It is such a versatile beauty product. I use it for just about anything. If I need a little bit of moisture on my skin, I use Ultrabalm, if I want to brighten up my tattoos, I use Ultrabalm, if my lips are a little bit chapped, I use Ultrabalm. I have very sensitive skin and I develop eczema during the colder months and I have found that Ultrabalm has helped with that the most, it even works better than some eczema products. I use Ultrabalm pretty much daily. It's a great little product and I highly recommend it.


favourite magazine or book?

My favourite magazines are Frankie and Yen, unfortunately they don't publish Yen anymore but I still read through old issues. The content is music, art, travel etc which is right up my alley. Just recently I have started reading the harry potter series and I am loving It! So they would have to be my favourite books at the moment.


who or what inspires you?

I struggled a little bit with this question because I wasn't able to choose just one thing or one person that inspires me and I feel like I get inspired by different things everyday but at this current moment in my life I am deeply inspired by people who know what they want in life and they work hard to get it, their mindset and determination is something that I hope to possess one day. I am also inspired by people who have gone through something difficult, people who face the hardest times but they never give up on living and they continue to seek happiness. Their positive energy is contagious.

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