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Meet: Jennifer // @amourjnfr

Meet: Jennifer // @amourjnfr

Meet the beauty behind amour jnfr

If I could describe Jennifer, I'd describe her as a warm summer breeze- the kind that catches you off-guard because of how pleasant it is. I'd describe her as that feeling you get when you're meeting your friends in a coffee shop to gossip and chat about the things you love. I'd describe her as being pure and honest. 

Jennifer has an eye for beautiful photography and trends. Her aesthetic is vibrant and sweet and her personality is much the same. Below, Jennifer talks about her job, her life, her blog and all things in between. 


blog name:

Amour JNFR


Niche / Passion

PR in beauty and makeup artist

best thing about blogging?

the amazing community and being able to create your passion through your own words and photography.

worst thing about blogging?

Just the negative people who ruin it for everyone else.


tell us about your blog, how did it start and why did it start?

I started blogging back when I was 13 years old (I am 27 now). It started off being an online diary for me, where I would write about my thoughts and feelings. It was a lot more personal back then and there wasn’t many people who blogged then so the community was a lot smaller and less saturated. As years went on I started to chop and change my blog a lot, from creating several new blogs to trying out different platforms and websites. That was when I began writing and taking photos of what I got up to each day/week and places I visited as well the occasional haul.

I’ve been in and out of blogging, some years I would blog and other years I did take a bit of a break and came back to start fresh again. My blog kept evolving as my career path throughout life kept forming. Since beginning my work in the beauty industry back in 2012, I've always had a passion for all things beauty. That is where I became a makeup artist and worked in luxury makeup companies such as Mecca brands and Tom Ford. I then moved onto working within pr/office work for beauty and I do it alongside my blog where I review and trial out an array of beauty and lifestyle brands and products.

what does your life look like in your spare time?

In my spare time I love to do all things arts and craft. I love stationery and do a lot of journaling as well as writing letters to my pen pals and calligraphy. – (I’m always looking for a pen pal, so do get in contact if you would like to send mail together!).

My blog and Instagram keeps me busy but when I have free time to go out and about to run errands there's always a cuppa coffee in my hands.

Coffee dates are my favourite and I love catching up with close friends or my boyfriend for a good old yarn over coffee/tea.

Exploring nature and hidden places as well as finding inspiration for home interior is another thing that has kept me busy. I love all things to do with interior design so being able to work on our house plans (we are currently in the midst of building) in my spare time is my definite favourite.

top 3 beauty tips/tricks?

1. Less is more, always build up each product you use slowly. you can always add more but can’t take away.
2. Makeup should enhance the beauty you already have, embrace your features and only wear makeup where you feel you need it the most.
3. A flawless makeup application starts with a good skincare regime. Always treat your skin to a good pamper and have a well prepped face prior makeup application. Whatever your skin type, always use SPF and stay hydrated.









what's your playlist at the moment?

1.   Retrogade – James Blake // 2.  Young – Vallis Alps // 3.   Window Seat – Thomston & Wafia // 4.   Lost – Frank Ocean // 5.  Trouble - Halsey

who or what inspires you?

Anyone who has a positive outlook on life and can express their beliefs. I love meeting and being around those who aren’t afraid to speak out their inner thoughts and feelings. Those who are genuine and have an open mind to everything they do. Especially those who are humble and are mindful of others.

skincare product you swear by? 

I have so many skincare products that are my holy grail. my favourite skincare products always include these top ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, Licorice root (most root extracts), Ginseng, Glycolic acid, AHA/BHA, vitamins, Amino Acids – the list goes on!

But, if there was one skincare product I would recommend for all skin types out there it would be The Hyaluronic Acid with Vitamin B5 Serum from either Glossier or The Ordinary.


how do you plan and create your content? tell us a little about your creative process:

I find I do my best work when there's no pressure on what content I produce. A lot of the time I do have a schedule that I follow and write down in my journal- A checklist if you will, and I like to take note of what items I need to post about and when something is due. In-between posts I like to write and create a bit more of a spontaneous type of post (those are my favourite types to work on) I love free writing and letting things flow out naturally. The more random it is the better in my opinion.

I’ve recently decided this year to post once a month. that way I can really put all my efforts into that one post and let it have the time it deserves and that I don’t mass produce too much unnecessary content, which usually can go to waste if it doesn’t have long enough for readers to read or catch up on.

At the moment I am currently working on a new series for my blog where I will be having an in- between type of post fortnightly called “bi-weekly notes” where I will be doing small updates of what’s new in my life (could be anything), what I’m currently doing and/or loving as well as my top picks for that bi-week.

an honest truth?

My favourite quote of all time is:

“everything will be ok in the end, if it’s not ok, it’s not the end.” 

This resonates with me so much and I always abid to this when ever I am not feeling my best.

one thing you wish you could tell your 16 year old self?

Wow, this is a definite thinker. I love this question and I always do think back to when I was 16 and how long ago it was for me. I must admit, when I was 16 I was so lost and confused it was definitely a dark time in my life, but at the same time I was at the peak of my life where I was so adventurous and loved exploring. I would tell my 16- year old self that quote mentioned previously (which at the time had already been a favourite quote of mine then too) that everything will be ok in the end and that if it’s not ok, it is definitely not the end – to keep pushing forward. Another thing is that with all bad situations “this too shall pass”.

Follow Jennifer on Instagram: @amourjnfr www.amourjnfr.com




Contact her: jennifer.hua@live.com

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