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Like a Good Cup of Coffee: Coffee Infused Bedding

Like a Good Cup of Coffee: Coffee Infused Bedding

Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Café, ce Soir? 

We all know I love my twice-daily dose of cappuccino, so when there was an opportunity to essentially fall asleep on the bamboo silk version of it every night, I could only say yes. 

Some of you may remember a post I did a while back all about my much loved white Ettitude Australia's Daydream Collection sheets explaining why I adore them. Well, I was very recently lucky enough to try out a few samples of their brand-new recycled coffee ground infused pillowcases and now I've found a new obsession. These pillowcases are part of a whole bedding collection that is world-first and made from completely renewable sources. I want to take this opportunity to thank Ettitude for these treasures because I don't know how I ever lived without them.

The pillowcases are not only beautiful to sleep on, but are also ethically made and eco-friendly. The two colours I have are the Strawberry Frappe ones, and the Latte ones.

As with their current collection of sheets, Ettitude's Bamboo Coffee sheets absorb odors and sweat from your body 50% faster and than cotton, leaving you waking up feeling fresh. This is no surprise as coffee has been scientifically proven to be a powerful deodoriser. The collection is also made out of 100% re-purposed ground coffee beans sourced from local cafes around the world. The sheets are chemical-free, breathable and thermo-regulating meaning you will have the perfect nights' sleep no matter what season you're in.


It's a question I really didn't think much about. Anything infused with coffee has me sold, but the purpose behind this project is much more intriguing. 

99.8% of coffee grounds are not used and are therefore thrown out.

They become waste while the tiny 0.2% remaining are used to infuse life into us throughout the day (aka, your morning cup of coffee). This, to me, was astounding and extremely scary. Ettitude have found a way to recycle and reuse this material to make it into something unique and beneficial.


The benefits of coffee for your skin combined with Ettitudes' original Bamboo Silk technology makes this collection extremely skin-friendly. 

he coffee yarn is 35% of the final product and the Bamboo Lyocell is 65%. 

Investing in this project means you are investing in something that is healthier for the planet and for you. After all, wouldn't you sleep better at night knowing you directly contributed to reducing waste? Not only this, but these sheets will make you feel like you're sleeping on cappuccino clouds.


The manufacturing process behind these sheets are quite complex. After all, how do coffee grounds become yarn?

 To very briefly explain:

  1. The coffee beans must be roasted and ground before any other steps can take place. 
  2. They are then embedded into a yarn fibre through a "low temperature, high pressure, energy saving process". This is done through S.Cafe®.
  3. The filaments of the fibre then change and lock the coffee grounds into the yarn. The coffee yarn is then woven in with Ettitude's signature Bamboo Lyocell to make the final product.


You can use the link : http://fbuy.me/fMjeito score $25 off of the retail price of any of their products! This link can be used for their Coffee Collection (when it is available for purchase) or any other collection you may be interested in. Please let me know what you think if you do buy something!


As always, my reviews are always 100% my own opinion - I would in no way ever morph my decision on a product or item if I didn't genuinely like it. As with all my experiences with Ettitude's products, this collection is no exception. The pillowcases are soft, lightweight and beautiful to sleep on. You are also bound to find a colour you like no matter what your personal style preference is. I am looking forward to getting my hands on the final product! ☁️

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Before you go, what are your thoughts on coffee infused sheets and would you give it a go?



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