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My Cold Weather Travel Essentials ⛈

My Cold Weather Travel Essentials ⛈


Since my first trip to Sydney, I have become an addict. There's something about the atmosphere there that makes me want to put on my Nike's, eat a salad and go for a run. It's contagious. Travelling for me is always about inspiration and appreciation, and I always get that when I go here.

This July I'm going back to my home away from home for a week, exploring the Blue Mountains during Christmas in July, and the City at its coldest. You'll find me with a turmeric latte most likely attached to my hand at all times, freezing my butt off but enjoying myself nonetheless. Here are some of the things I won't be leaving Brisbane without.


What to wear: Your favourite sliders and your most comfortable sweatpants, leggings and sweater. Or, you know, your pyjamas...

You know that look that models seem to pull off so well? The 'I'm off-duty' look? You can do it too. Put on a little mascara, lip gloss and your most comfy sliders and take a little nap on the plane. Throw your hair in a messy bun and add some sunglasses and you're good to go.


Faux Fur (please note the FAUX - real fur is just gross and unethical. Don't do it, please) is always a stylish, effortless way to dress up an outfit and make you forget you're freaking freezing. Buying faux fur is something I think should be talked about more - people need to realise that you don't need a dead animal to wear on your shoulders (sounds gross? it is) instead - pay $80 and get a stylish printed, warm jacket that is 100% free of the horribleness that is behind real fur. 


Padded jackets are all the rage at the moment, and to be honest I'm not too sure where this recent trend originated. Ariana Grande in her latest music video? Rihanna? Wherever it came from, I love it. H&M have some really cool ones that I can't wait to get my hands on.


Some of you may roll your eyes and tell me it's so last year to wear vintage tees and sweaters, but I honestly couldn't agree less. They are timeless, casual yet edgy. My favourite one at the moment is my one from Verge Girl. However, when I want to cheat, I head over to the men's section in Glue store and search for one that looks just right. Tie it up in a knot, throw in a cool belt, a faux leather jacket and high-waisted jeans and you're all set. 



Have you ever felt like your outfit is a little lacking?

Invest in a barret.

I got mine from Montmartre in Paris on an overcast, gloomy day. It was a dream come true - 7 years later and I'm just as in love as when I found it in a cosy shop on a street while the markets were on. Wearing it brings me back to cafes on the corner of busy streets in Paris, drinking hot chocolates and eating pastry. I couldn't take it off for months. It makes me feel like a true Parisian.


Personally, I prefer to keep my makeup light while travelling. A lot of the time, people experience breakouts when travelling and my best advice is to pack your skincare and wear less stuff on your face. I always focus on the skin, use a brow mascara and use my highlighter and bronzer for the face and eyes. If you wanted to know what I'm using in terms of skincare lately, check out my last blog post here.


A jumper, a shirt - whatever it is, turtlenecks are the cosiest way to feel stylish. I love pairing mine with an oversized denim jacket with a skirt or jeans.


Bring a pair of running shoes (try to keep up your fitness even when you're travelling!), a pair of sneakers and a pair of healed boots for those nights out. 


Get yourself a journal, some nice stationery and spoil yourself by writing everyday. It's good for the mind and soul, and you'll be thankful that you wrote all your experiences down during those moments where you're feeling nostalgic. Personally, I'm investing in my spirituality at the moment and trying to connect with my emotions more. Why I'm feeling what I'm feeling and how to change my negative thoughts and emotions into positive ones. I'll be doing a post on this quite soon, so please comment down below if you want me to talk about this a little moreI've always said that once starting a blog and gaining an audience, I wanted to promote awareness on self-love, self-discovery and mental health. 


Velvet chokers and minimalist jewellery are my favourite way to dress up any outfit, especially if you're too cold to put a lot of effort into your appearance. 


This one goes without saying. My favourite mag by far is Yen, which was often found in airport news agencies around Australia, however has recently hone out of print. I also love Oyster Magazine and I have heard a lot about Sunday Girl and would love to give that a go. The Messy Heads magazine by Emma Mercury is also a good read. As for books,Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Great Gatsby and Harry Potter are my favourites for the plane.

Before you go, what is one travel essential you couldn't go without?

Until next time lovelies,

- Imogen

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