Little & Instant Ways to De-stress

Small ways to help with understanding and eliminating stress in your every-day life


Staring uni has got me really inspired in terms of the little therapeutic ways I used to clear my head when I was stressed and under a lot of pressure; ways I still do. I think that looking after yourself if so incredibly important and should never be underestimated or overlooked. So, I've compiled a few little tips and tricks together that may be useful when you're trying to brave the worst of a storm - whether it be work, school, uni or just any abundance of problems that seem to be getting you down.


Let me tell you a story. Way back when I was suffering immensely through my first semester of university, I was a giant stress-ball with no organisational skills. It was hard. I was locked inside my own head without any help as to how to get myself out of whatever it was that was stopping me from accomplishing things. I passed, but with grades that weren't astonishing.

Come second semester and I was determined to change my work ethic. It started as it always did - which freaked me out. Eventually I came across a Youtuber called Margot Lee , she's around my age, lives in America and basically only does college vlogs. I noticed that she writes lists on literally everything. Even if there was nothing to list, she'd find something. 

It was the middle of semester and I began picking up a notebook in the beginning of every day so I could plan out step-by-step exactly what I needed to get done. I took it little by little; focusing on accomplishing a few paragraphs/ research on my each of my assignments for each of my units a day. I wouldn't sleep until everything on those lists were done. When exam block rolled around, I had my organisational skills down and I was on top of all my work. I'm not even kidding, I handed the majority of my assessments in early. My grades also went up crazy amounts, which is  a bonus. I now use lists in my every-day life, as I usually have a billion things I need to do.


This is an important one. Indulge every once and a while. Splurge on skincare or beauty products, buy those clothes you've been eyeing. It's important to acknowledge hard work, and if you can, treat yourself to something you love!


Maybe it's the future nutritionist in me, but exercise is one of the best stress releases. Not only emotionally but for your body as well. 

As you may know, your skin is your biggest organ and the only way for it to breath is through sweat. Ridding your body of toxins and making it stronger is a huge confidence boost. You don't need to exercise with the specific intention to loose weight if you don't want to, you can do it just to pick yourself up and give yourself an endorphin rush.


Understand exactly what it is that is stressing you out or making you feel less than happy is probably the most important point of them all. Once you realise what's the cause of your distress, the rest will follow. Give yourself a specific time of the day to deal with it/ worry about the thing that's getting you down. This is a super useful tip I've learned whenever I'm overthinking things and working myself up. I usually call this my "worry time". Tell yourself you'll deal with your emotions then, and when that time comes you're allowed to freak out. But after it's done, let it go and wait until the next day. By doing this, every time you start to worry, you'll push it away until that time. After a while, you'll probably forget about your worry time and you'll realise you've been a lot more stress free! 

Take steps to slowly but surely eliminate the cause from your life without putting pressure on yourself. You are the most important person in your life.


This one is pretty self-explanatory, and it's the reason I started this blog in the first place. Find a hobby you enjoy and stick with it!

Until next time