Minimal Jewellery Pieces Every Girl Should Invest In

Introducing my Newest Series: The Modest Minimalist 

In this image: Runway Goddess cross earrings, Christian Paul Watch, Pandora Bracelet & Charm, Swarovski ring, Wallace Bishop ring


Welcome to my first post from my Modest Minimalist series that will be a part of my blog over the next few weeks. I'm really excited about this series because I'd like to think of myself as a minimalist in a lot of aspects of my life (which I will further delve into throughout these posts), despite the fact I was once a hoarder with no organisational skills.

I'm pretty excited about this post because I'm a huge advocate for understanding that accessorising can make or break an outfit. As you can probably tell by these images, I have a pretty minimal style preference when it comes to jewellery. I much prefer dainty, small silver pieces as opposed to chunky gold chain necklaces full of a thousand different coloured crystals. However, that's just my personal taste and if you love that, go for it! I do like to incorporate a few statement pieces in my collection, which brings me to my first item:

The Statement Earrings: I noticed that this trend basically blew up last year, with everyone and their cats wearing oversized, gold statement earrings with every outfit. I didn't really understand it at first, but after seeing these ones from Runway Goddess, I was converted. They are absolutely stunning; very rustic yet modern, and somehow minimal despite the size. I honestly believe that adding these can dress up a dull outfit, or completely change your look from day to night. I've added them to the minimalist series because these literally go with everything. Who needs twenty three pairs of earrings when you can have these gorgeous statement ones and wear them every day, all day?

The Watch: Watches are one of my absolute favourite things ever. They are a universally accepted accessory that is so incredibly versatile. You can wear the same watch every day of the year and it will never go out of style. This one is from Christian Paul Sydney, and was actually a gift from my boyfriend for Christmas. It's a classic white with silver trimming and a marble watch-face (what can I say, he knows me so well).

The Ring: If you're going for minimal, small and petite is definitely the way to go unless you find a style that is more geometrical (like the Wallace Bishop one in the images). I have two rings that I wear every day, which were both gifts from family members (somehow these are the ones that mean the most). The smaller one is from Swarovski and is so incredibly stunning.

The Bracelet: My boyfriend was lovely enough to get me a Pandora for my birthday, and honestly I never take it off. The charm I chose is also one of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery I think I have ever seen. When you're aiming for a minimalist approach to jewellery, the more empty space, the better (if that makes sense). Minimalism is modest!

The Chokers: I am obsessed with chokers. Some people love them, and some hate them but honestly I never feel like an outfit is complete without one. My favourites are actually from Lovisa; One is a thin black velvet, another is a green velvet and the last is white chiffon. I love wearing chokers paired with grungy t-shirts and black jeans for a causal but chic look.  I also picked up a Diamond one (not real diamonds, guys) from Pretty Little Thing which I save for special occasions or paired with a sweater dress to dress it up a little more. However, if you're looking for a low-key approach, I would suggest going for a single, tiny chain choker in a colour like gold. I did have a few from Glassons but unfortunately I have misplaced them.

KEY NOTE: Never wear a choker with an outfit that is already busy in colours/ layers as it will look unorganised.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know your favourite jewellery pieces in the comments below xx