Silk and Lace

 STYLE TIP: Pair this playsuit with a grey trench coat or with a turtleneck jumper for winter vibes.
Outfit Breakdown: Miss Shop playsuit, Christian Paul watch, Princess Polly denim jacket,  Princess Polly choker, Runway Goddess earrings, Zara shoes,


So I'm currently writing to you guys one day away from starting Uni again for the year, and it's a mix of emotions for me right now. Half of me is beyond excited that I finally get to study my passion and do what I've been wanting to do for the last three years, but the other half is sort of scared to death knowing how crazy it's going to be for me in a few weeks. I'm hoping to use this blog as a kind of outlet to assist me in not going insane over the stress. Faux Silk will hopefully help keep me grounded and focused on giving myself time to do something I love that isn't studying.

To start off my little chat on this outfit, I have to say that I'm so obsessed with this Miss Shop playsuit and it's probably all I'm going to wear for the next few weeks.  I know that this style of playsuit in particular and even these kinds of dresses are super on-trend right now.You can either dress it up or dress it down, but because my last few looks have been super fancy, I wanted to bring back some of my personal street style to this blog. 

This denim jacket (if you've been following me from the start) is actually already in one of my posts (Denim Obsession - if you wanted to check it out), and these earrings are from the one and only Runway Goddess (check out my previous posts for more cute things from them). The shoes are actually from Zara and I picked them up last time I was in Sydney on sale down from something crazy like $200 to $50... Yep. You read that right!

Please enjoy these photos taken by my boyfriend, Kai, and Let me know your thoughts on the outfit in the comments below! 



Black lace