Colourpop Perfectly Peach Review & Swatches // + Soft Peachy Glam Look

Detailed review of the Perfectly Peach collection by Colourpop // First impressions, packaging, formula, wear & swatches. Read until the end for a look created using these products!

Eye Shadows: Kennedy (bright orange/ apricot), Cornelious (soft matte brown), Bandit (Deap warm-toned matte brown), Crimper (Gold Pearlescent/ metallic) // Lips: Instigator (ultra matte), Speed Dial (ultra matte ) & Screenshot (Ultra Satin)

Happy Thursday!

Today I'll be reviewing the Colourpop Perfectly Peach collection, which consists of three liquid lipsticks (one ultra satin finish and two with ultra matte finishes) and four warm-toned eye shadows.

I ordered this collection and a few other bits and pieces (if you would like me to do a "Colourpop collection" post, let me know!). In this post I'll go into detail of my first impressions, the quality of the formulas and also the wear of the products. I've got a lot to say about this collection so please keep reading!


3 / 5

Before I even opened the packet, I was already imagining the looks I could create with the colours. The eyeshadows looked so pigmented and creamy, and the colours were the perfect tone and vibrancy.

However, when I opened the first product, Kennedy , it immediately fell apart: The glue was still wet, and I had to play around with it as the eye shadow was stuck in the lid. When I finally did manage to press it down and get to the product, it was so loose that I thought it would completely fall apart and that would be the end of it. Not only this, but the packaging on both the lip trio and the eye shadows were quite beaten up. There was dirt on the surfaces and it appeared to have been knocked around. It's safe to say that I was very disappointed.

*In saying this, these things are always a possibility when ordering online, and the parcel was filled with protective material. However, the products just kind of looked like they had been sitting in a box for too long in not-so-great conditions.

*For the sake of this review, I did not brighten the swatches whatsoever so you guys can get a better understanding of the pigmentation of each individual product.


3.5 / 5

Earlier I mentioned my disappointment in the quality of the packaging, however now I get to move onto the formula and wear of each of the eye shadows.

Firstly, I'll start with pigmentation. These eye shadows on first glance look super pigmented, however I found it really hard when doing the swatches to really get a good swipe of colour (I needed to apply 3 layers to get anything to really show up on camera). They definitely weren't as pigmented as I'd hoped, however for the price they are still a super good deal in terms of value for money.

My favourite out of the collection would definitely have to be Crimper as the colour payoff is the most stunning out of the four. I would comfortably say this is a universally flattering gold shimmer, and would make any eye colour stand out. 

With the others, Cornelious and Kennedy, I noticed the colours were a lot softer than how they first appeared in the pot. They were almost transparent unless the product was packed on and blended carefully.  The next product, Bandit, I was extremely impressed with. The pigmentation matched the description and it was as rich as it looked in the pot.

In terms of blending, this is a subject that I'm sorry to say just didn't work for me at all. I did actually experience this with a previous Colourpop eye shadow purchase, but I was honestly hoping it was a one-off thing. However, when I did manage to blend the product out (it took a while, geez) they lasted all day! I'm not even kidding; I work 9-5 and when I got home they were still looking flawless.


4 / 5

I love Colourpops' liquid lipstick packaging. They're sleek, modern and hold a fair amount of product. The case is simple; silver and holographic in appearance. However, the labels fade within two weeks in my experience (let me know if this has happened to any of you guys?)

These three lipsticks look almost identical when compared against each other in the bottle, however when swatched (see pic below) they are actually quite different.

*I did not see any issues with the packaging on these products like with the eye shadows as mentioned earlier.


4.5 / 5

I understand that all lipsticks were warm/ peach-toned however I was slightly disappointed with how pink they went after wearing them for a while. Each shade ended up oxidising in a way that I was not very fond of. However, they lasted all day. I actually had to get the two layers I applied through the day off using a heavy exfoliator. This is something I'm not keen on in liquid lipstick formulas, but If you love a super matte look that will not budge whatsoever (despite your best efforts), then definitely pick yourself up one of these!

In order from bottom to top from the swatch above

Screenshot (satin)Described as a "mid-toned peachy nude" on the website as well. Goes on like a nude peachy/pink (see photo below - which was taken 1 min after application) and dries red/pink.

Instigator (matte) : Described as a "mid-toned peachy nude" on the website. I would have to disagree - it's definitely not a nude (for my skin type, anyway). It goes on slightly apricot and dries bright pink.

Speed Dial : Described as a "Rich peach in matte finish" -  probably the closest description to match the actual product out of the trio.

Wearing : Screenshot


3.5 / 5

All in all, these products were quite nice, however there is definitely room for improvement in terms of attention to detail in the care of the packaging and the blend-ability (is that even a word? you guys get what I mean!).

There were no issues whatsoever in regards to how long the products stayed on - all of them lasted all day (especially the liquid lipsticks). I hold mixed emotions about this collection, and I will continue to wear the products but will not repurchase. 

PS: This was my first detailed product review, what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below! xx