Blushes & Neutrals // Runway Goddess ☆

PART ONE:  Feminine, classy and timeless statement pieces that are a necessity in any girls' wardrobe. // Introducing: Runway Goddess


I've got so much to say about these gowns, but firstly I'd love to thank the lovely girls at Runway Goddess for giving me the opportunity to shoot in them! They are all such high quality, beautifully constructed dresses. The first thing I noticed about their products is that they are all extremely flattering. Somehow, these dresses manage to drape on your body in a way that is perfectly tailored to your shape. Their new stock is stunning and I was lucky enough to wear some of them for the purpose of this blog. I urge you guys to definitely go check them out if you want to feel like a million dollars!

 This is the first instalment of two separate posts showcasing two different collection of pieces. There are three outfits in total pictured below, and they are all available on their website here!  Enjoy!


*Unfortunately my camera erased some of the images for this outfit, so I only have a few - which is a shame because it was one of my favourites!



These items are not yet available online, however they have heaps of gorgeous stock:

 OR visit them in store:  Popup shop at Macarthur Central Shopping Centre, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia  

Instagram: @runwaygoddess


Cross Earrings from Outfit #1: Royal Large Gold Cross Earrings
Cross Earrings from Outfit #2 and #3: Cross My Heart Earrings

What do you guys think of these dresses and which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

Much Love,