Bali Body BB Cream, New Hair & New Camera!

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Good morning lovelies,

General Updates:

So today I have kind of a random post. This week there were two main things that have happened, and I decided to just combine them into one little chat-sesh for your convenience.  The first is ... I cut my hair! I know, not very exciting but extremely big for me. I'm one of those people that avoid change like the plague, and deciding to change my image definitely falls under that definition.

The next is that I finally bit the bullet and bought a camera - a proper camera that is so stunningly advanced for a compact camera. And yes, you heard me right; a blogger that uses a compact camera as opposed to a DSLR? Trust me, I did my research for a month before I bought it and this one tops it all. It's the Sony WX500, and it contains so many filters, manual options, and even features a viewfinder and direct photo syncing to smartphones, computers and TV's. Did I mention the pictures are incredible, as well?

I predominantly picked this one as I will be travelling a fair amount this year and wanted something compact and light. It's just a bonus that it is apparently one of the most highly praised compact cameras on the market at the moment (according to the guy who sold it to me). I'm super excited to start using it to create clearer, more professional images for the lovely readers of this blog.

And now, for the final section of this post: The Bali Body BB Cream Review.


All natural ingredients
"Complexion perfecter"
Creates a Flawless Coverage


Green Tea
Marine Collagen
Hyaluronic Acid

I understand that this product came out quite a few months ago, however I decided to bring it back to the spotlight for a few reasons. Firstly, when I first purchased and received this product I really disliked it. It had no coverage in my opinion and lasted about an hour on the skin. However, there are a few things I've realised about why it didn't work for me back then and why it's now one of my favourite products ever. 

So why didn't I like it when I first tried it?

One main reason; I was suffering from serious skin problems. I desperately needed coverage and the security and protection that foundation gives without the added consequences of blocked pores and skin-damaging ingredients. This product specifically claims that it is lighter than foundation but provides flawless coverage. In my opinion, I would not use this product if you have severe pigmentation issues or any pigmentation issues, to be honest. It is probably the lightest coverage BB Cream I have ever tried. However, it does completely mattify the skin while giving it a healthy, hydrated glow at the same time. Since my skin has gotten a lot better, I picked this up a few days ago to give another go and the results were nothing but brilliant.

My skin is smooth, hydrated and feels amazing - kind of like I'm just wearing a nourishing moisteriser. I am extremely impressed. Not just by this, but the wear of the product isn't too bad and the colour is incredible. It gives you that natural just-been-to-the-beach affect. You definitely will need to top up every few hours without a doubt, but it is definitely worth it. Basically, this product is the ultimate tool in creating the "no makeup" makeup look and is now a part of my every-day routine.

All in all, I'm very satisfied and quite shocked that something I used to tell people that it didn't work for me at all is now one of my holy-grail products.

I would recommend this product for people with dry/ normal skin.

Before you go, What's your favourite BB Cream? I'd love to know!