A Little About Me & A Long Overdue Introduction to Faux Silk

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Hi Everyone,

This post is so incredibly long overdue. Aren't these supposed to be like... the first one to go up when you start a blog?

To be honest I didn't know If many people would even read my posts so I must have just decided to forget about doing one of these. But in the few short weeks since I started Faux Silk I have received such lovely feedback and have been able to talk to some really amazing people, and so I decided to properly introduce myself.


My name is Imogen (pretty sure you guys knew that already though). I'm 19, living in Australia and have a passion for health and beauty. This blog was started kind of on a whim, but kind of not. I have grown up reading all about health and beauty, and have loved reading blogs since I was very young. I knew I loved fashion, styling and being creative with clothes from a young age and that kind of just progressed as I got older. 

I've always had an eye for content creation and I absolutely love photo composition and product shots. This is mainly what drove me to expand upon my Instagram page and create a secondary platform to express these things in a more direct and specific way. I want to inspire, help and create things with like-minded people whenever and wherever I can. And it has definitely paid off! In the short months since starting this blog I've had some pretty cool opportunities present themselves to me.

Photography is one of my favourite things in the whole world. To be able to capture a moment in a certain way; a way that only you see it is something pretty amazing. It's all about perspective and what you take from a situation and the important, delicate details that you can notice if you look really, really closely. I often spend hours fussing over my Instagram feed, which most people find crazy but I absolutely adore it. I love taking photos and seeing how they come together seamlessly.

Although I love all these things, I know that these days It's hard to get your voice out there. It's hard to impress the right people and to get the right companies and brands to notice and promote what you love. 

This blog is basically going to be a creative outlet, a communication platform for all things beauty, fashion and health related as well as my own personal growth project. I invite you all to hang around and engage with this blog, and I would love to get to know all you guys a lot better!