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Valentines Day Thoughts // Tips on Confidence and Self Love

Mini guide to self confidence and self appreciation + how mentality and perspective can fuel a healthy body and mind


With Valentines day only one week away, I decided to join every other blogger in the universe and do a Valentines Day post. Whether you are lovin' yourself on the 14th of Feb, or you have a special someone you're going to eat expensive food and drink red wine with, I'd really like you guys to step back and really appreciate yourself. To appreciate all that you have, and the people in you life you love and care for (and vice versa). 

I've never hated this day (and I find it strange that people hate a day that was literally created to celebrate love - it doesn't have to be romantic love guys!). I've always found it as a great opportunity to reflect on how the things in my life have changed and how much I am in awe of the wonderful people around me. People I encounter on an every day basis, in real life and on social media.

Growing up, I was conscious of my appearance more than any girl should ever be. I was overweight and constantly finding flaws in myself that I've come to realise were mostly psychological. One day I picked myself up and promised myself I would work hard to be a healthier, happier version of myself. I became vegetarian, lost 25 kilos at the age of fourteen and found a kind of contentment that I had never experienced before within myself.

For some people you're born with it; confidence is that thing in your blood that allows you to truly (and I mean, truly) be yourself. For others, it takes a lot longer and way, way too many hours spent fussing over invisible physical imperfections. 

I've been through enough mental and physical changes in my life to have picked up a few tips along the way. Confidence is something that accumulates only through self-appreciation and looking after yourself. Personally, if I'm eating unhealthy, not exercising or not going outside it will start to show. I'll feel trapped in the mentality that I don't want to do anything- or don't need to. This is something everyone goes through and something that everyone gets over. But here's the tip:

Congratulate yourself every time you achieve something, no matter how small it is.

Technically, we are born into this life with standards that say we all have to do something, be someone. We all have to work, sleep, repeat. We all have to be someone. But...we don't. These are all choices. Maybe you woke up one morning and decided you didn't want to create something out of your life, and you just gave up. That's a decision. For everyone who struggles with appreciating yourself, know this: if you got up this morning to go to work, school, uni or even just out to do something you enjoy, you're doing something for yourself that is beneficial and that alone is something to applaud.

Confidence comes of those moments where you want to make yourself a better person. People get healthier and fitter when they focus on being healthy and stronger, not pretty to look at. They work more and and work harder when they know they're building something great for themselves. When we look after ourselves both physically and mentally- amazing things happen. 

A few small points: 

- A really important thing to note is that people often make the mistake that there is only one portrait of a healthy body. That's not true. When someone reaches a point where they feel content with themselves, that's when they're at their healthiest.

- Confidence also happens when you're not shy about what you loveDo you love watching cheesy 70's sit-coms and wearing seven chokers at once? Do it. Do you love photography? Writing? Fashion or beauty? Do it. Are you scared that people will judge you, or you'll lose people who think you're strange for what you love? You'll find new people who appreciate and empathise with you.

This Valentines Day, do something you love by yourself, with someone special or with your friends. Take this time to appreciate how truly amazing it is that you are where you are!

I hope that something I've said resonated with even one of you guys. Imagine how different society would be if we all embraced ourselves and stopped aspiring to be someone else? Chances are that perfect person that you idolised may not even be representing themselves honestly.


Until next time xx

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