The Ripped Jeans Edit // OOTD

Casual but cool look ft. "Mila" Ripped Jeans from Princess Polly Boutique | 
Top: Luvalot clothing 



RIPPED JEANS are one of those items of clothing I never wear, mainly because I never thought they suited my body shape. This week, however, I decided to put society's perception on what you should and shouldn't wear for your body type in a far, far away corner in my mind (I have more of an hourglass figure and I'm very short - these jeans really accentuate that). 

I've had these saved on my wish-list at Princess Polly since last winter - which was about seven months ago. Buying them was kind of a last minute determination thing; I'd wanted them forever so I decided enough was enough! With that, I have never been so happy with an impulse purchase probably ever.   

In Australia, it's currently the middle of summer which means that if you decide to leave your house wearing jeans, expect many confused and judgy looks from people wondering why exactly you have a death wish and are wearing anything other than shorts and a tee-shirt when it's forty degrees. I, however, decided that I couldn't care less. I love them.

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Finally, thank so much for stopping by lovelies, and before you go, what's your take on ripped jeans?