How To: Bomb Skin ゜.✧・ ゜


Tea Tree Toner & Tea Tree Daily Solution

are perfect for those not-so great skin moments that make you feel like you have had zero sleep, or an abundance of breakouts. The toner goes on cold, and starts to burn (not to worry, this is normal) as it essentially kills all the bacteria that has made a home in your skin. The solution is amazing at cooling the skin down while still attacking the germs.


St. Ives Green Tea Scrub

is refreshingly thick, with small exfoliating beads that reveal a brighter, cleaner complexion.


disclaimer: all skin types are different and what worked for me may not work for others. However, this is something I strongly recomend trying

Guys... this stuff is a


in terms of skincare. H

ow these products aren't displayed all over the magazines and given a thousand awards is beyond my comprehension. Before I tried these products, my skin was so bad I literally couldn't make eye contact with people properly while they talked to me (not trying to sound attention-seeking here, just telling the truth). Within one week of first using their products ( after I had my skin looked at professionally, tried the products suggested and with no positive result) - I was completely elated and shocked at the results of real-u. For so long I was devastated that literally NOTHING was working for me despite the fact I successfully carried out a year of eating clean, exercising, drinking heaps of water and having an in depth skincare routine only to be kicked in the face by breakouts that felt like they'd never go away.  After one week of real-u, most blemishes were gone or almost gone (of course there were the marks left over though- those take longer to heal).

Talking about this is something I'd put off for a while because it's an embarrassing subject, however I'm currently sitting here with skin I'm confident of. I can walk out of my house with no makeup on and not feel like people are going to critique every inch of my face. I realised I couldn't sit on this any longer and people just


to try these life-saving products out.

Check out their website



Not exactly skincare, but worth mentioning.

So this one is technically a mineral highlighter, however it can be used to disguise the bags under your eyes caused by late nights (in my case, assignments that used to take up all my free time). Put it on your face without any other makeup and it gives you the same effect that three days sleep and a healthy, hydrated glow from being at the beach or gym would give. So if you love to cheat your way through extra glowy skin like me, I'd suggest you pick up yours. I mix this in with the


moisteriser before I put on my makeup.


So there they are! Just a few of my favourites of 2016. Now, for a few skincare tips.


  • Don't you DARE sleep with your makeup on! Have a thorough four step system every morning and night to protect your skin against damage and blocked pores. Mine is:

1. Cleanse using either the

real-u cleanser

or the


cleanser. I do this either in the shower or with my vanity planet electric cleansing brush. I always cleanse twice.

2. Follow up with

The Body Shop's Tea Tree toner & Tea Tree Solution

. I know a lot of people like to use cotton pads, however I much prefer to use my fingers. 

3. real-u control gel & moisteriser.* 

4. In the evening, I mix

Sukin's Bio-skin oil

in with the moisteriser. This means that when I wake up my skin is even more completely even-toned and smooth. I don't like to put the oil on under makeup as I find it causes the foundation to wear a lot quicker. 

  • Drink water! Cliché but so, so important
  • Snack on fruit and almonds whenever possible
  • Try to reduce your dairy intake I CANNOT stress this enough. Dairy is so, so bad for your skin guys. These days I eat mostly vegan as I find my body is so much healthier this way.
  • Get 8-10 hours sleep every night
  • Exercise 4-5 times a week.
  • Be conscious about how much makeup you're wearing and how long you're wearing it for. This is super important (but annoying if you love makeup). I've come to enjoy my natural skin, and rarely use powders and all the other things that will just clog your pores.
  • Do things that make you happy and try to keep yourself grounded. Stress affects everything physically, not just mentally. 

So thats all for this post guys! Hope you all enjoyed and are enjoying 2017 so far as much as I am xx