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If you would like to collab, I would absolutely love to hear from you. This blog has been active since December 2016, however it was re-designed and re-established around January/February 2017, and has continued to be active throughout the year. In this short amount of time, Faux Silk continues to grow not just in audience but also quality. My passion for skincare and the beauty industry, more specifically the vegan beauty industry, motivates me every day to share my thoughts and experiences on this unique platform. Blogging has given me a clearer understanding of my identity, and I would love to share products that resonate with my passions with my followers.

I understand this blog is relatively young, but to give you an indication, pageviews are between 2000 - 6000 per month. I have a great relationship with the people who visit my blog and I would never promote a product I didn't genuinely love to them. 

I will not accept collaboration deals that include products I would not naturally purchase myself (i.e - they must be cruelty-free and be 100% vegan).





Clearsponge Australia
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Boujis Beauty - testing cult beauty products

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Runway Goddess
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