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5 Days in the Freezing Cold: a travel and beauty diary

hello lovelies!

Last week I spent 5 days in Sydney during the dead of winter. As someone who was born and bred in one of the sunniest parts of Australia, surviving in minus degrees was so incredibly tough. I decided to put together a hybrid post on my impressions of the lovely places I explored, some new products I've hauled as well as my skincare routine throughout my stay.

I hope you guys enjoy this little life update x


Day 1 & 2

// Blue mountains

The Blue Mountains is something out of a dream. Looking out onto the horizon, the hills are the colour of 5am- a deep pastel blue that begs to be painted. The slopes leap and glide over the sky, rolling and unstoppable. Here there is a silent serenity that isn't easily replicated.

There is something I love to hate about the cold. The razor-sharp bursts of ice you have to endure whenever there's the slightest breeze, shrinking into your coat as you dream of summer despite the fact you sort of hate the heat. When I think about the nights I spent here, I see myself curled up on the floor by the electronic fireplace in our surely haunted 1930's flat, shivering and sleepy. The walls were burgundy and the furniture was ancient. The flat was creaky and old, but very endearing nonetheless.


day 3

// Manly

Dehydration from lack of water and about four cups of coffee a day has definitely not been kind to my skin. However, with the refreshing cold air and the sheer excitement of travel I'm throwing my insecurities to the wind on this one. 

Manly is calm and collected however a little more saturated than most beach towns I've been to in terms of city life. The sky was always pristine and the ocean even more so. The mix of old and new buildings and architecture is something I've always adored, and I really got a sense of history being here.


day 4

// Potts Point & kings cross

Paris in Australia is how I would describe this place. Streets lined with crumbling trees, the leaves falling on the sidewalk in piles that are swept up by a whirlwind or two. The cafes are small, crowded and warm both in personality and reality. Walking through these streets you get a sense of something more- like the people that live here are living in a different time and a different place to everyone else. 

Time here was spent coffee-hopping, searching for the warmest most delicious hit of caffeine. I loved to admire the winding vines falling over rendered walls with wrought iron gates protecting little broken cottages on the main street. Pigeons hopped at your feet, looking up at you expectedly.

If you're ever in this area of Sydney, I strongly recommend you find Room Ten, they have the best avocado on toast I have ever tried and their coffee is incredible. 


day 5

// bondi beach

The salt water in the air is dissolved by the many fast food take-out places and commotion that is Bondi Beach. I enjoyed watching the water, however when you turn your back on the ocean, look past the patch of green grass many people would be sunbathing on, you're staring only at a lonely strip of overcrowded, slightly run-down restaurants and cafes offering chocolate and coffee. There was a slight charm, however I found myself preferring Byron Bay over this place. Despite this, it was still an experience I'll treasure.


new in beauty

iKou Lavender & Geranium Facial Mist // INNOXA Rosewater lip and cheek stick // Madara Organics Sunflower Skin Tint in Golden Beige (all pictured).


skincare routine: AM

Cleanse with the Kale 3D Cleanser // Tone with the Pixi Glow Tonic // Moisturise with the Goodness Chia Seed oil diluted in a drop of water // Apply SPF with the Formula 10.0.6 Moisturising gel with SPF 15 // iKOU Lavender and Geranium facial mist. // Nivea Rose Lip Butter.


skincare routine: pM

Same routine as AM, however replaced the SPF with the Advanced Retinoid by The Ordinary and double moisturised with the Simple Replenishing Moisturiser.



All in all, this trip was one to remember. Stepping onto Brisbane soil, however, was something of a miracle as I was emotionally and physically exhausted. In saying that, I wouldn't have it any other way.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and the photos! Before you go, what is your favourite and least favourite thing about travelling?


Trying out Boujis Beauty

Trying out Boujis Beauty

Nourish London: 3D Kale Colour-Changing Cleanser

Nourish London: 3D Kale Colour-Changing Cleanser