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Nourish London: 3D Kale Colour-Changing Cleanser

Nourish London: 3D Kale Colour-Changing Cleanser


hello lovelies! 

There is nothing more I love then when vegan, cruelty-free brands reach out to me. A kale cleanser? Yes, please.

As someone who is currently transitioning into organic, cruelty-free and vegan skincare and makeup due to issues with my skin, this product and this brand couldn't have come to me at a better time. I absolutely love what Nourish is all about- natural skincare that is good for the planet and for you. They break down beauty into something healthy yet completely luxurious. Good skin doesn't always come as a result of a hundred different AHA's and lactic acid peels.

I tested this lovely cleanser out for two weeks for twice a day morning and night in order to give you guys all of the information I possibly could on how this works, and if it works. If you guys are interested in this product and what I think of it - please keep reading!


This product claims to "gently lift impurities and protect skin against pollution - minimising signs of ageing".  Pollution protection seems to be a popular target in a lot of skincare products recently. Personally, I think it's wonderful and very innovative considering what is going on in our world at the moment (our environment is essentially falling apart). As for the "ageing", I think you are never too young to want youthful skin as every day you get older, your skin does as well. 

As I usually do when I review a product I have done my research. Below, I have very briefly outlined some of the qualities of the main ingredients so that you can see exactly what you're putting on your face and how it's going to benefit your skin:


Kale & Griffonia

Kale is the well known superfood that when applied to your face has detoxifying, oxygenating and anti-ageing properties. Griffonia, like kale, has powerful anti-ageing affects.


Naturally derived from aloe vera plants, aloe is calming and soothing for the skin and is often found in after-sun care products. It also helps with scarring and redness.


Hyaluronic acid:  

This all-around beneficial component is really common in skincare these days - and for a good reason! Its ability to retain moisture and instantly smooth fine lines and skin texture leads to a youthful-looking complexion, making it a powerful anti-ageing property. If you would like to know more head over here.


first impression

To please all of you strict aesthetic lovers: the packaging on this generous 100ml product (a little goes a long way) is sleek, minimal and will sit beautifully on your vanity. It also has a unique, wide pump lid that makes it a lot quicker, cleaner and easier to use. The colour changing aspect of this product is also really interesting as it comes out a pearly white, but when massaged into the face it turns the colour of a green clay mask in the space of a few seconds.

My first impression of this cleanser was that it smells exactly like a Natio face-mask I used to use religiously back in high school. It was quite overpowering but definitely not unpleasant - the most likely culprit probably being the Frankincense oil that the product contains. As for the way it feels on the skin, it's very clean and purifying. I would describe it not too thick and not too thin in terms of consistency. The brand, Nourish Londonsuggests that you add a drop of water and massage the product into your face until it turns green, before rinsing thoroughly with cool water. After the first use my face felt smoother, tighter yet 100% more moisturised. I also noticed that my skin had a very subtle glow to it and my complexion looked shiny-clean.


Final Thoughts / review

Two weeks later and I'm happy to announce that my skin is glowy and smooth whenever I use this without a doubt - I've become slightly addicted. One wash is all you need to really get everything off your face - but two washes ensure there is no possibility of makeup or grime left on your skin. You get the benefits of a detoxifying, hydrating face mask in an eighth of the time and without the purge (I haven't yet used a cleanser that didn't make me break out even a little bit). 

In summary, I really loved this cleanser. I found that it did exactly as it claimed as it wiped dirt and pollution off my face, left it nice and clean and kept all the moisture in my skin balanced and healthy. I didn't experience any breakouts or negative reactions linked to this product which is always a good thing, however it didn't necessarily clear anything up either. I do believe this is a treat for the skin but it didn't banish any of my existing blemishes. One thing I will say is that my pores have diminished to almost non-existent which helps with prevention of acne. It obviously helps enormously that this cleanser is vegan, cruelty-free and according to the packaging, 70% organic as well. It was very refreshing to use this product and my skin loves it!

You can check out Nourish here

 before you go, what is your current favourite cleanser?

*This product was a PR gift - all opinions are my own!



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