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Wonderlust, La Vie Report  #02

Wonderlust, La Vie Report #02

Welcome to the second issue of La Vie Report! I want to thank you for the wonderful comments on my last post - it means so much to me when you guys interact and chat with me. Please enjoy this little ramble session! 


currently loving 💖


Cést La Vie

Back in high school, I very nearly almost lived in France for a year as an exchange student. Certain circumstances made me feel like I shouldn't have gone, which I regret pretty much every day of my life as I every time I've visited France (once when I was four, once when I was thirteen), I had felt oddly at home. With my degree at uni, I may just have the chance to do it. I've always loved France - the language, the culture and the architecture. When I used to study the language, sometimes I even dreamt in French. I wouldn't care where I would stay because the villages are just as beautiful as the cities. I think that studying there would be such an incredible and life changing experience. Maybe in the second last year of my degree, I'll think about doing it. This leads me to...


wherever i am in the world

I truly believe it when they say that travel is the greatest investment. I've been to Sydney three times over the last two years but I really want to visit Italy, New York, Greece and France by the end of my degree. This year, as many of you know, I'm off to Japan and New Caledonia. I'm hoping to save up and at the end of each year go on a little adventure somewhere - even if it's just for a week! I can't wait to share all of my experiences with you guys.


faves in social media

 In terms of Instagram and art, I recently found this illustrator in Instagram who I really love - her work is so dreamy. Her little sketches of fruit and vases are freestyle yet so sophisticated. I really like her line work and I could see her art being tattooed somewhere on me.  Her account is @gracemazh if you guys wanted to check her out. Also, I've been loving Sarah Cheung on Youtube - her skin is so flawless and she's so down-to-earth and real. Her beauty tips are amazing, too!



I have got heaps of posts in draft-mode at the moment that I'm currently researching and working on. These include some Glossier posts, some reviews on new skincare and some lifestyle posts (yay!). I'll be uploading my every-day makeup look / mini tutorial soon as well, so please keep an eye out for that! 


gifts in the mail

As I mentioned before, my giveaway gifts from Cindy came in the mail and I'm in love with absolutely everything. It's safe to say it's been an overwhelmingly good week. I'll give you guys a little overview of the products soon!

Also, my Shopmate package from Glossier arrived! I'm so so excited to play around with these products and give you guys a review and let you know my thoughts. Because of this, I won't be chatting about the Glossier products I have yet in depth as I've got a review coming up for them soon (in about two weeks time so that I have the time to truly test these products out). I know a lot of you have requested this so I'm taking the time to form an honest opinion on these products. 


and That's it for this week's La Vie Report!

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this little journal entry. These posts will most likely be pretty short and sweet otherwise I'd probably ramble on for years! 

Before you go, in the comments below please let me know  one thing  you did this week that made you happy.





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