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5 Skincare Products That Didn't Work For Me

5 Skincare Products That Didn't Work For Me


Hi lovelies! 

I know that this post is a bit different to the kind of content I usually produce as it's not exactly positive, however I thought that today I could share with you a few products I bought because of hype that I was quite disappointed with. As a quick disclaimer, these opinions are 100% my own and I'm not bashing the companies or products, just sharing my personal experiences with how these worked for my skin - I am not in any way saying these are bad products, just that they were bad products for me. 


#1: Madara Organics Sunflower Skin Tint in"Golden Beige"


This product is on I picked up in a pharmacy in Sydney, and I was really looking forward to trying it as I didn't have a light-weight BB, CC cream or tinted moisturiser for the summer time. Upon opening it, I really liked the look of the colour on the skin. Unfortunately on the face the bronze-hue actually reacted with my skin and made my redness a lot more prominent. The smell isn't the best either - I put it on once and my boyfriend straight away told me I smelt awful. It is an organic flower smell - not to be mistaken with floral. It wasn't exactly pleasant. 

I also contacted the brand on Instagram to ask if there was a good way to apply this to get more coverage as it didn't look like anything other than red on my skin - all they told me was to apply a second layer. The second layer ended up drying my skin and making it look worse. For a teeny tiny bottle (no matter how stunning the packaging is) the price tag is not worth it in my opinion and I will not be repurchasing.

#2: the BLK Mask


Let me introduce to you the charcoal blackhead-removing mask that broke the internet: the BLK Mask. Again and again, I was overwhelmed with disappointment whenever I used this product. I never noticed any change in the texture or congestion of my skin , yet within a few uses of the Boujis Beauty charcoal mask I had cleared my skin of some of my most stubborn blackheads (read more here). It's safe to say that I won't be picking up this mask again.




#3: Glow  // Hailey Baldwin for ModelCo Beauty Balm

2/5 - sorry hailey!

This product was thankfully on sale, otherwise I would have been pretty upset. Since this product hit the shelves at Mecca and Priceline, I've been so curious to try it. I love Hailey and I had no doubt that this product would work for me. Unfortunately, this beauty balm did nothing whatsoever other than make my pores look huge, my skin textured and oily and my hyperpigmentation inflamed. It's quite a contradiction as this product is supposed to "reflect light and blur imperfections" and is "perfect to wear when you're having a no-makeup day" but it did the absolute opposite for me. I personally would not recommend spending the $49 + AU it originally cost, but that's just me. I probably haven't been this disappointed with a product since the Nude By Nature Mineral foundation giving me an allergic reaction a few months ago (most likely from the mineral particles as mineral powders clog my pores so freaking badly). My face looked just awful. I will say, however, that the actual sensation of it on the skin was really nice. It had a cooling affect and made my face feel nice -but it didn't look as nice as it felt.


#4: Hyaluronic moisturiser // Mario Badescu


This moisturiser is one I had really high hopes for, unfortunately It did not live up to expectations. The consistency is thick, hard to spread and never absorbed well into my skin. It kind of felt like it always just of sat there on top of the face and made any other products or makeup I used look awful. I will say it wasn't bad with hydration, but the formula and texture could have been a lot better. I love using this as eye cream, however I will not be repurchasing this as a moisturiser and instead will probably try out the Honey Moisturiser or Ceramide eye cream that is in his line.




#5: Frank body creamy face scrub


Don't get me wrong, I love the Frank body scrubs, lip balm and their glow mask however this made me break out so so bad that I didn't want to leave the house the next day. I used this product for months every other week and each time my face erupted in giant red rashes no matter how carefully I used it. The texture is gritty, sharp and honestly hurt a bit. My skin always felt nice afterwards but soon would turn very dry and red. 

I will say that their charcoal face cleanser also had a similar affect and  made me break out so badly that I still have scars from blemishes the product caused a year later. Frank Body is definitely one of those brands that are a hit and miss with me (unfortunately!).


That's it for today! I think that's enough negativity for one post, and I'm excited to get back to writing about the products I do love (August favourites coming soon!).

I'd also love to know if you guys had any success with these products - please let me know in case I'm using them wrong!


Until next time x


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