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How to Feel Better: The Art of Journaling

How to Feel Better: The Art of Journaling


the art of journaling

Writer's block. That's the best way I can put what I recently experienced. However, it's more in the category of 'creativity block'. I had been trying but struggling to see things uniquely, yet I was feeling like I'd already done everything and seen everything in my space. Then, I had an idea. 

I whipped out my journal at any chance I could, jotting down ideas and feelings and emotions. I tried to find different ways to look at the same things, and it worked.

I wanted to make a post to share with you some tips and also some positive impacts journaling has had on me in the hopes you may consider it too (if you don't do it already). Here are some good reasons to journal:



Why do we do what we do? Is there a recurring pattern in our dreams? What do our days look like? How can we make them better? What are our bad habits? Do we waste our time on things that really don't matter?  These are all questions we are better off being able to answer.


Got something on your mind? Something that you are struggling to admit to yourself? This is your chance to just get it into the world and out of the cage that is your thoughts.


Recognising our patterns and how we behave does amazing things for our awareness on an everyday basis. For example, In the short time I've been journaling I've figured out what makes me angry (usually I look back on it and realise I was being stupid), what makes me happy and what makes me anxious. Realising these things have given me a deeper understanding of my behaviour and therefore, myself.


Where to start?

the tools

  • pencil/pen, journal, your mind


how to begin

What is it about yourself that you want to work on - that you want to better? Do you want to be more positive? Do you want to get fit? Did you want to minimise your anxiety and try to practice redirecting your thoughts? 

Make a title page, and on the next page write a statement. This can be about what you are hoping to achieve, or a little bit about you. Once that's done, on the next page write 10 or positive affirmations that you can read over whenever you're feeling a bit down. Go in depth! Talk about what it is about your personality you love. Make it things that genuinely lift you up. Talking about how you like your eye colour or how you were blessed with long lashes are great - but mentioning how you love your creativity, the way you treat people or how you love yourself is a lot more effective when you're in need of some positive thoughts. 

The thing about journaling is that it allows you to organise your thoughts; to arrange them and study them as you think them. People who have an overcrowded mind can really benefit from writing one page a day. Here are some prompts I personally use when I'm in need of some inspiration.

  • Describe what your life looks like when you wake up in the morning, or what you want your life to look like. Be descriptive! See the excerpt to the right:
  • Label a page: "feeling..." and then write exactly how you're feeling and why in that very moment
  • Keep a skin diary, a food diary or an exercise diary to help you stay on track
  • Often reminisce of what you're grateful for
  • Wishlists!



you don't have to start every entry with "dear diary"

For me, a diary and a journal are two different things. Personally, I associate diaries with a day to day entry on what you did or some things that happened. It was something I used to do occasionally when I was a lot younger. Journaling is similar but more intentional and in-depth. In saying this, it is subjective and you can make it whatever you want. It can be half art, half musings. It can be pictures, lists, things on your bucket list. There are no limits. Whatever it is, make sure that the goal is to benefit and focus on yourself (for once!).


what to do when you don't know what to do

For my last 30 days of journaling, I followed The Messy Heads' 30 Days of Journaling challenge in addition to adding my own personal musings and visualisations. I found this to be incredibly useful and highly recommend giving it a go. Head to their website for some inspiration.

Also, bloggers! Reading blogs and the thoughts of other people always get me in the mood to do some soul-searching. I recommend checking out Jennifer's blog Amour Jnfr as she is the ultimate queen of journaling. She's also an absolute angel and a lovely person to talk to, so you should definitely check her out! She was actually also featured on TGC (The Glow Club) not too long ago. 


And Finally, It will get easier

When you're feeling suffocated, trapped or struggling to stay attached to yourself it's when doing activities like this can really help. When you take time out of your day to truly focus on yourself - to actively do something to benefit your soul you're giving your mind what it deserves; i.e. - some love and attention!


☆ I hoped you liked reading this post! ☆


I advise you guys to take these tips into consideration and try out journaling - there's so many known benefits of writing your thoughts down and it might just be what you need! Before you go, have you or will you try out these challenges? 




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