La Vie Report

hi lovelies!

Welcome to this new segment on my blog- something I've been wanting to do for a while. Some of my favourite blogs are doing this kind of series and I really enjoy reading them, So I've decided to finally make one of my own!

This little segment will cover things from what I'm reading, doing, loving and experiencing on a (hopefully) weekly basis. If not every week, definitely every second week. I want to have this series as an extension to my blog so I can get the chance to vent, create, inspire and share.

the good

There are a few things I'm super excited about at the moment, which I'll list neatly below:

  1. Finally got my hands on Glossier (more coming soon about this). It hasn't arrived yet, but I'm counting the days.
  2. I won Cindy's international giveaway! Definitely more about this coming soon.
  3. Japan is coming closer & I'm getting more and more excited.
  4. Cute mail swaps with Jennifer literally give me life
  5. Getting back into fitness & the gym with K 
  6. Half-way through the uni semester already!


listen to your intuition

I was recommended to a dermatologist by a GP for my skin recently and unfortunately took the advice. I ended up walking out after a 15 minute session with her feeling completely overwhelmed. The dermatologist, without asking me questions or even looking at my skin put me straight on accutane - she didn't even ask me what skin type I had let alone if I wanted to try another method. If you know of this drug, it can be dangerous and it's a last resort medicationand my skin actually isn't that bad. I haven't been on antibiotics or anything for my blemishes other than some hormone pills. Being on this drug would have required me to see her every 2 months at $230 a session (you see where I'm going with this). But, I went with my gut and ended up going back to the GP to go on simple antibiotics which, funnily enough, are already working. Lesson learned: follow your gut, don't bow to pressure. Sometimes, people don't always have the purest intentions.

loving/ obsessing over

My Aesop hair mask (read review here), Stationery + organising my life, Oyster magazine (their articles are bomb), Cat instagram pages (you can follow my cat here: @blackcatbaloo), W7 Lip Glosses, Michael Finch's GRWM Videos, Vegan protein bars (they're so, so good), Cartia Mallan's Vlogs, silk wrap shirts, planning the Japan trip, planning what to bring to the Christmas cruise around New Caledonia, Essence's lipliner in In the Nude & finally, peanut butter toast.


music & feeds

I'm really loving Lana Del Rey's new album Lust for Life , it's so atmospheric and I love that kind of music. Personally, Love , Cherry and Lust for Life are my faves from the track so far. I even listen to this in the gym or when I want to calm down or get some good moody vibes. Over on Instagram, I'm loving @cocobaudelle, @glossier, @intothegloss, @chyism, @adelefarine, @ceciliagorgon and a few more accounts with that pretty, raw/warm feed that I'm obsessed with. I'm also loving jewellery accounts like @sommestudio and @mejuri.


caught up with

Since it's the early days of Spring, I'm also re-designing my wardrobe into something more feminine and intimate. I guess you could say I'm trying to celebrate being a female more - wearing ruffles and flattering dresses. I think there's something so subtly seductive about them. I'm getting back to the basis of what fashion is really about - art and personal expression. Speaking of fashion, I'm loving all the little vintage jewellery I've been finding since I moved apartments with K, and I've been trying to utilise them for my new style any time I can. Little gold twisted hoop earrings, my favourite drop-down burgundy heart earrings and the pearl chokers my great-grandmother used to wear. Also, I'm obsessed with the French Rose Scrunchie from Daiso for $2.80.

With this blog, I'm currently working on / designing a "travel" section that will be kind of like a gallery with an index of places you can click into, which will be full of beautiful photos. Obviously, I haven't been to Japan or New Caledonia yet so it won't be live until the end of this year. That's the one thing I love about blogging; the display of memories you can access whenever and wherever. 

In terms of study, uni assignments and social politics have kind of consumed me lately (I know, it sounds boring). I absolutely love what I'm studying and can't wait to try and make a change in this world. 

And that's it for this post! I know it's kind of a short one but I guess you could say I'm trialling this segment out.

Please let me know what you guys think of this kind of series. Also let me know what you've been up to lately in the comments below! 


- Imogen