Aesop Rose Hair & Scalp Masque Review

I don't think I've ever mentioned hair-care on this blog, and it's simply because I neglect to really look after mine. I don't mind forking out big money for high-quality skincare but when it comes to the locks, I honestly don't treat them well.

What Blogging Has Done For Me

Over the last eight months I have been able to share and express all the little things that are bottled up inside my mind. I got to inspire, be inspired and meet some incredible people across the world. I came up with The Glow Club, where I get to showcase those who I admire and I got to explore my creativity and my personality through this blog.

How to Feel Better: The Art of Journaling

Writer's block. That's the best way I can put what I recently experienced. However, it's more in the category of 'creativity block'. I had been trying but struggling to see things uniquely, yet I was feeling like I'd already done everything and seen everything in my space. Then, I had an idea.